Basic Tree Climbing Workshop - 2 day Workshop - CEU's will be available
Contact Dawn Thierbach if you are interested in having this workshop for your place of employment.

$300 per attendee
Offered by VG Training Facility
810-338-6531 - Contact Information -Dawn Thierbach (registration, food allergies, special provisions)
Basic Tree Climbing is a 2 day workshop for beginning climbers.  Beginning climbers are those persons that have not climbed professionally or have not ascended a tree with the correct climbing gear, or who have not ascended a tree before.
This workshop will provide the attendee with the basic information for climbing trees.  Attendees will learn to apply all safety procedures, to correctly tie, dress and set a running bowline, boline, slip knot, zeppelin bend, half hitch, girth hitch, buntline hitch and a distel hitch; to use a split tail and traditional climbing methods and saddles, how to ascend and descend a tree in a safe manner.
As stated before, this is a basic tree climbing workshop.  This workshop will not and does not intend to claim any attendee is qualified to remove, prune or train other individuals to climb trees.  After the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will have learned basic tree climbing skills.
Who should attend? All persons who would like to climb trees in a safe manner.
·Each attendee must bring their own approved tree climbing gear.
(Climbing ropes, approved tree climbing harness, approved climbing helmet, at least 2 auto-locking carabiners and lanyard, safety glasses and over the ankle boots (hiking boots are acceptable).
·All gear will be inspected .If the attendee’s gear does not pass inspection, the attendee will not be permitted to climb.
(No shorts, sleeveless shirts or tennis shoes).
Day 1 of workshop - 8:30 - Noon - instruction on rope, knots and hitches, tie-dress and set hitches correctly.
Lunch - NOON to 12:45/a ten minute break will be given during each session.
Day 1 of workshop - 12:45 to 4:30 - climbing harness instruction, personal protective gear, and throwline techniques for ascending line setting.
Day 2 follows the same time schedule.
First Session - demonstration by attendees of the new skills learned on Day 1.  Ascending and Descending of the tree.
Second Session - more hands on climbing and perfecting of climbing skills.

Throughout instruction attendees will be reminded of all Safety Procedures – Safety First!!!
Cash, Checks or Money Orders Accepted
Contact Dawn Thierbach at 810-338-6531 for your registration form & waiver form.
Jeff Thierbach – 33 years in the green industry, ISA BCMA – MI 0288B, TCIA CTSP #560, ACRT Certified Line Clearance Arborist, ASCA RCA #491, PNW ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor #883, MIOSHA Level I Certified in Safety and Health, TCIA EHAP approved Instructor, 2012 Oakland Community College Fundamentals of General Tree Work Instructor, Co-Chair of the Michigan Tree Climbing Championship for 2010 and 2011, U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Diver and Helicopter Aerial Rescue.
Dawn Thierbach - 18 years in the green industry, ISA Certified Arborist - MI 3933A, Arboriculture Society of Michigan Board of Directors, Chair of the Michigan Tree Climbing Championship for 2010, Chair of the Michigan Tree Climbing Championship Committee for 2011, 2012 Oakland Community College Instructor for Fundamentals of General Tree Work.




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