Contact VG Training Facility if you are interested in an aerial rescue workshop for your place of employment – 810-338-6531
TCIA - Tree Care Academy Aerial Rescue Training Workshop
Each attendee must present a registration form, attendee waiver, and employee waiver

9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days.  Instructors: Jeff Thierbach and Dawn Thierbach.

Jeff is a TCIA Aerial Lift Specialist and a TCIA Approved Aerial Lift Specialist Instructor.

Fee: $125 for first attendee/$100 for second attendee from the same company

The first day of this workshop will be procedures, safety bag assembly, emergency flow chart, the importance of an emergency plan of action, the importance of a job briefing and hazard report and communication instruction .Please bring your climbing gear for inspection.

The second day of this workshop will be a mock Aerial Rescue Scenario at 45’ with each attendee performing an Aerial Rescue therefore, demonstrating their knowledge and skill. A Certificate of Performance will be given to each employee at the end of the day.

MIOSHA and ANSI require that aerial rescue training be provided, at least once a year, by a company for its employees. If a two-man crew deploys to a job site, both crew members must know how to perform an aerial rescue, both crew members must know CPR and First Aid, and both members shall have attended EHAP training. Aerial Rescue training should be more than a once a year practice run. This training should be etched in the brains of all your employees. The more practice runs you perform, the better your employees, co-workers, and you will respond in case of an emergency.

OUR MOTTO: Respond Now, Freak out Later!!!!

This workshop is for those attendees that would like to perform and become familiar with the procedures of Aerial Rescue and those companies that wish to have their employees perform an Aerial Rescue and comply with the ANSI and MISOHA Standards. Attendees should come prepared to climb on the second day (no climbing spikes will be permitted). Attendees should come prepared to have their climbing gear inspected on the first day.

Don’t let yourself become the second victim!

To get your TCIA EHAP Certification and to comply with MIOSHA and the ANSI Standards, employees must receive training in Aerial Rescue Procedures and CPR/First Aid. This would complete your TCIA EHAP Requirements for the year and you would be current with the MIOSHA and ANSI Standards.

Contact:  DAREV Safety Consultants, Tim Mautz, 313-585-1604 for First Aid/CPR Registration
Contact:  VG Training Facility, Dawn Thierbach, 810-338-6531 for Aerial Rescue Registration




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