Plant Health Care –A plant counselor (Certified Arborist) will make recommendations for your trees or individual plants so they will be healthy and thrive. It is a program that would include several visits to your property to monitor your soil, all plants and to provide advice and treatments, if necessary, to enhance your plants with vigor and vitality. We have a Board Certified Master Arborist, Certified Arborists and Certified Pesticide Applicators on board to provide you with the correct advice. While pesticides are not our first choice of action, and we try to use these as our last resort, we have the qualified staff to determine the necessary treatment plans and we are able to administer pesticides.

Removal – The cutting down of a diseased or hazardous tree: includes removal of wood, brush and debris, unless otherwise specified.

Pruning – There are many different kinds of pruning, i.e., corrective, vista, deadwood, etc. Basically, it is removing branches for proper weight distribution, removing leads that are over a structure that may cause damage, thinning out branches to enable air to circulate through the canopy or removing deadwood in the tree to avoid injury or damage.

Remember that oak (Quercus) should be pruned in the winter months only. This helps inhibit oak wilt disease.

Stump Grinding – After a removal, the stump is ground down about 3 to 6” below the surface to allow growth of grass or to improve the aesthetics of a landscape.

Cable & Rod or Bracing – This procedure helps stabilize leads (large branches) from wind, snow and ice damage.

Fertilization – Fertilization provides nutrients for the tree, shrub or plant that it is not able to receive from the soil. There are various types of fertilizer. Ask the Certified Arborist which type is the best for your plants.

Diagnostic Procedures – A certified Arborist will diagnose symptoms and signs that your tree, shrub, or plant is exhibiting and recommend a treatment plan.

Tree Risk Assessment – An experienced and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor will evaluate your tree for risk to pedestrians, automobiles or buildings.

Construction Consulting – This is a consulting service designed for new home construction, home additions or landscape construction. A Certified Arborist will discuss the existing tree’s needs on your property during the construction phase. Tree preservation construction selection will also be discussed. This service is imperative so as to protect the trees and protect the cost of cure/treatment in the future.

Consulting – This is similar to diagnostic procedures. This service may be used in legal proceedings. The Registered Consulting Arborists take care of these services. Please telephone for more information.


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