ISA – Board Certified Master Arborist

This Credential is designed for arborists who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. To be a candidate, individuals must be an ISA Certified Arborist in good standing and have obtained other prerequisites, or “points” defined by ISA. Points can be obtained through measurable experience, formal education, related credentials, or professional experience. The computer-based exam covers science, practice, and management aspects of arboriculture.

Jeff Thierbach, BCMA MI 0288B


 ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist


The ISA Certification Board requires a candidate to be an ISA Certified Arborist at least and have 2000 hours or 36 cumulative months of experience either employed or on a special project as an electric utility vegetation manager, full time employment for contractor or consultant.

Jeff Thierbach - Certified Arborist Utility Specialist - MI 0288BU




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