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Victorian Gardens was established in 1995.  We were armed with a 1985 Chevy pickup, an O38 Stihl chainsaw, and Jeff's climbing and certified arborist skills.  We purchased our first chipper in 1996.  It was a 1971 Mitz.  Jeff's mom loaned us the down payment for the chipper.  Before the chipper, we did a tremendous amount of brush trampling and cutting all wood into miniscule pieces.  The chipper was a wonderful tool, but it was an ugly, rusted, red monstrosity.  We were so proud!

We were broke with a newborn baby daughter and all the hopes in the world.! My parents were loaning us funds for our daily existence.  Jeff completed many jobs on his own.  If a job required help; I was called into service.  I quickly learned to rope, chip, drag brush and run a chainsaw.  Times were tough, but we moved along.

In 1998, we purchased a 1971 F650 dump truck. Thank goodness ... no more unloading by hand!!  It required maintenance every day, but loyally completed our jobs for the next two years.  Again, we had called on Jeff's mom's help.  She loaned us the down payment again.  We also purchased a little Rayco stumper.  Jeff's grandma loaned us money for that.   My parents were still helping fund our existence.

In 2000, Don and Judy Guinan and their company - Guinan & Associates - joined forces with Victorian Gardens and supplied us with more work.  Bless his soul - he took us on.  He had confidence in Jeff's ability and our tenacity - it certainly was not our appearance or equipment!

2000 was a fantastic and also a rough year.  Our truck broke down permanently and the chipper blew up.  We purchased a 1989 F700 chip truck (an actual real chip truck).  My parents supplied the down payment, the co-signing and the transportation to New York to pick it up.  This truck is still in the line-up.  Bandit Industries supplied us with a 2000 Model 250 chipper.  Bandit brought the chipper out and let us use it until they found financing for us.  They were wonderful.  This was our first piece of equipment financed on our own!  We looked like a million bucks and were back on the road.

The next four years were fantastic.  We acquired a staff and with our clients and Don Guinan's clients we were thriving.  In February 2002, we purchased a 2000 F350.  In 2003 we purchased a 2003 C5500 chip truck and another Bandit 2003 Model 250 chipper.   In 2004, we purchased a 2003 Vermeer stumper.  In 2004, we joined forces with another wonderful husband and wife team - Clif & Marti Patton and their company MC & Associates.

In 2005, Don Guinan passed away.  He was a dear friend and a fabulous business associate.  Every day we think about him and miss him.

In 2006, my father - Jack Hill passed away.  He was a wonderful father and grandfather and a compassionate silent financial partner.  A day doesn't go by without me thinking of him.  He is missed tremendously.

Now in 2007, we have a wonderful staff and are still in business.  Which is an achievement.  As many other companies know - you don't get into this business to become rich - it gets into your blood!  Our wonderful friend Mike Ritchie died. He was the company's children caregiver.  He was great friend and will be missed by all.

Here we are in March of 2008:  Jeff has graduated from the American Society of Consulting Arborist's Academy and became a Certified as a Line Clearance Arborist.  Jeff has completed the EHAP Training. .   This is a busy year for training.  Jeff and Dawn attended the ISA Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  Jeff was a foot lock technician for the ITCC.

December of 2008 Jackie Thierbach passed away.  Jeff's brother will be missed by us all.

Big changes happened in 2009.  We changed our location to White Lake in February 2009.    Dawn attended OCC for American Government, Nursery Practices, Flowering Annuals and Perennials, Landscape Construction - Irrigation and Interpersonal Communications.  Jeff is working on his 2nd report for ASCA for the Registered Consulting Arborist.  Victorian Gardens received the Corporate Award for 2009 from ASM.  So far 2009 has been a year of change.

Here we are in 2010.  Jeff is a TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional #560, an ISA TRAQ - Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, a Register Consulting Arborist #491, obtained his MIOSHA Level 1 Certification and is the MTCC Co-Chair for 2010.   Dawn is the MTCC Chair for 2010 and is a member of the Arboriculture Society of Michigan's Board of Directors.

2011 - Jeff is helping Pete Baker instruct EHAP classes for ASM.  Dawn will be attending the T.R.A.C.E Workshop.   Jeff attended EHAP.  In addition, Jeff attended First Aid/CPR classes, Jeff was the Co-Chair for MTCC and Dawn was the Chair of the Committee for MTCC 2011.  Dawn sat for and passed the TCIA CTSP exam, she now is a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, #883.  We developed VG Training Facility and have been traveling across the State instructing on Aerial Rescue, Basic Tree Climbing, etc. as well as, holding workshops at our own facility.

Our Staff:  Jeff Thierbach, Dawn Thierbach

2012 – Jeff & Dawn are instructors for Oakland Community College – Fundamentals of General Tree Work – May thru July Semester – Campus of Auburn Hills.VG Training Facility has started to teach TCIA-EHAP Workshops around the United States.  Dawn passes her ISA TRAQ Exam - ISA/TRAQ Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.

2013 & 2014 – Dawn is finishing her degree in Ornamental Horticulture, Jeff is continuing to work toward his degree.  Jeff instructed the TCIA Chipper Workshop at TCIA EXPO in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our Daughter graduated from high school. And, we have downsized to just the two of us.  Dawn attended the ASCA Consulting Academy in New Port Beach, CA and successfully passed the academy and is working on becoming a Registered Consulting Arborist.  Clif Patton of MC & Associates retired this year.  A dear friend in the industry passed away – Pete Baker.


 2015 & 2016 - December of 2014, Dawn received her degree - A.A.S. in Landscape Horticulture.  Jeff is traveling the country teaching safety, and Victorian Gardens is still operating.

2016 & 2017 - September of 2016, Jeff Thierbach obtained the credential of ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist.  Jeff has also painted one of the chippers this year.  Wow - it looks beautiful!  We have added a new service to our resume.  This service is for Tree Service and Tree Care Companies....Jeff is a Safety Consultant. In May of 2017,  Dawn went to Texas for a qualification in Oak Wilt Diagnosis and Management.




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