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 Drawing has always been a love of mine as well as Arboriculture – so I tried to find a way to combine the two. Below is a sampling of some of my work.

I have now come up with a new concept.  For many years, I have written & illustrated a storybook for my daughter every year for Christmas.  I have now created a series of Christmas Stories for Arborists.  The main characters are Santa and Jeff Climber.  I am in the process of publishing the books.  But if you would like to get an advanced copy - please contact me.  The cost is high, because of having them printed at a printing shop or office supply store - $44.00 per copy.  There are 2 in the series, each is a separate book.  I am working on a third book now.

The Douglas Fir Caper

The Strangest Christmas Eve Snow Storm



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